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|1| Name, please: Samantha
|2| Age, thank you: seventeen
|3| Location, of course: Colorado
|4| Sexual Orientation: bisexual
|5| One or two interesting facts about you, if you don't mind, and at least two pictures, one body shot and one face shot: [I know, isn't it fucking INSANE to put pictures up here instead of at the bottom?]
Hmm.. interesting facts about me? When I get bored, I dye my hair.

|6| Abortion I, myself, would never get one, but I believe its a decision of the "mother" has to make. I just could never kill something living inside of me, but I guess I can see where there would be NO OTHER OPTION. Then again, theres always putting it up for adoption?
|7| MTV I only really like two shows on there. Pimp my Ride just because its funny seeing how ugly they can make cars, and Battle of the Sexes. Besides that they pretty much play the same videos over and over and over. And with that, they only play about 15 seconds of it [TRL].
|8| Are you voting this year? For who? Why or why not? If I could vote, I would vote for Kerry. I dont neccessiarialy (Totally BUTCHERED that word.. lol) agree with everything he says.. but hes a hell of a lot better than Bush.
|9| What is the most fucking annoying trend in the world? The double belt thingie that isnt even through the loops. What the fuck point is a belt if you dont use it to hold up your pants?
|10| Give us at least two sentences on veganism: I could never ever be vegan because I like my meat (that sounded oh so wrong). I support those who do chose to be vegan because it would be an awesome decision for someone who could control what they eat that much. Fuck, I dont know haha.
|11| Give us at least two sentences on being straight edge: I think being straight edge is dumb. You can not drink, smoke, and have sex without proclaiming yourself to a group. Most people do it just to be COOL anyway. Gag me with a fucking spoon.
|12| What do you think of the American economy right now? I think the American Economy is doing better than it was a few years ago, but it could still use some improving.

|13| We're all hipsters here. Name some bands you're not too cool to listen to. Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, KoRn, The Fags, Burden Brothers, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Linkin Park, Matchbox Twenty
|14| Specify some albums or songs "Quiet Things No One Ever Knows" Brand New, "Last Beautiful Girl" MB20, "Ms. Take" The Fags.
|15| Movies? The Goonies! Peter Pan, The Fight Club,.. etc. (too many to name)
|16| What TV shows are worth watching? Battle of the Sexes, and the Price is Right. Bob Barker rocks my face.
|17| What do you think of the radio? Sometimes its a good change from my CD's, but they also, like MTV, play the same songs over and over and over again. Its quite sick when you can turn the radio station 3 times and hear the same song on all 3 stations.
|18| What kind of music do you download? Everything. I have a variety of things. Songs from Shania Twain to Brand New to Matchbox 20 to KoRn.
|19| Name five celebrities that make you want to cry knives: Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, and Abram from Battle of the Sexes. I hate that guy.
|20| Name at least one celebrity who deserves to live: Drew Berrymore
|21| What do you think of the whole scene movement? I have no comment on this.
|22| What about emo? Emo music is good. I feel that through SOME songs I can gather "emotion" (who woulda thought?) from about my own life. In other words, I can relate. Poor emo kid.
|23| What about punk? Punk is good. Real punk is good.
|24| What about indie? I havent really heard much, so I dont know. From what I HAVE heard.. its good stuff.
|25| How do you feel about reality TV? There are very few shows that I will watch. Some make me SO SICK. Like.. the Swan? Omg. How fucking pathetic can you BE? And this one show I saw.. about like.. "Who Wants to Marry a Midget" or something. This. Is. Getting. Out. Of. Hand!

|26| How many scene points are you worth? eleventy-billion
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