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|1| Name, please: Jessica.
|2| Age, thank you: Seventeen.
|3| Location, of course: Canada.
|4| Sexual Orientation: Who knows.
|5| One or two interesting facts about you, if you don't mind, and at least two pictures, one body shot and one face shot: [I know, isn't it fucking INSANE to put pictures up here instead of at the bottom?] I am very often told I look just like Kirsten Dunst and/or Maggie Gylenhaal. And I'm amidexterous.

|6| Abortion I am pro-choice. Abort your baby for whatever reason you want, just make up your mind before you're late term. Late term abortions are disgusting and generally very inhumane. Once you're past the first trimester and a half, you should not have an abortion. A premie older than that can survive outside the womb, so I'd consider it a life at that point. Before then, I value a fetus as as much of a life as a chicken breast.
|7| MTV Marketing geniuses. They've created TV devoid of shows. When you watch MTV, you don't say "Oh, I'm going to watch TRL" you say "Oh, I'm going to watch MTV." Nobody does that for any other channel. It's amazing. I don't get MTV, but I'm amazed by how effective their marketing is.
|8| Are you voting this year? For who? Why or why not? I will be next year. I'm a Canadian New Democrat, and I will be registering as one next year, for whenever the next election rolls around. Jack Layton gets my vote any day. [Though I'm sure this question is for US voters, so I'll have to say I'd vote for Kerry if I was down there.]
|9| What is the most fucking annoying trend in the world? Ponchos. They're ugly, impractical, and they make everybody look fat. Period.
|10| Give us at least two sentences on veganism: I don't eat red meat, and I eat very minimal amounts of chicken, fish, dairy, etc. I'm down with Vegans. It's a pretty good lifestyle, if you do it right. I eat the chicken and dairy for nutrient purposes, but if you can get all your vitamins without having to eat animal bi-products, more power to ya. It's silly to be against somebody's eating habits, unless they're harming themselves by doing it.
|11| Give us at least two sentences on being straight edge: No qualms with people who are straight-edge, as long as they don't flaunt. Wearing a shirt that says "I DONT DO DRUGS" is as dumb as wearing a shirt that says "I DO DRUGS." It's your choice, so keep your choice to YOURself. I hate people who preach, nomatter what about. Even something positive like not doing drugs.
|12| What do you think of the American economy right now? It's in the shitter. Money is worthless, tons of money is being spent on war, and if Bush is re-elected that won't change. War has not been good for the economy this time around, it's more violating the economy anally.

|13| We're all hipsters here. Name some bands you're not too cool to listen to. Big D and the Kid's Table, the Polyphonic Spree, the Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, the Mad Caddies, They Might Be Giants, AFI, The Matches.
|14| Specify some albums or songs AFI - Black sails in the sunset, The Dropkick Murphys - Do or Die, They Might Be Giants - Factory Showroo , Punk O Rama 9 (for 9 bucks, this was a great deal. It's not the best punk o Rama to date, but it has some awesome bands.) As for songs.. The Mad Caddies - No Sex, Flogging Molly - The Worst Day since Yesterday, Dropkick Murphys - The Dirty Glass, The Matches - Jack Slap Cheer.
|15| Movies? Drop Dead Fred, Beetlejuice, Ed Wood, Plan 9 from Outer Space, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Half Baked, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Back to the Future 1-3.
|16| What TV shows are worth watching? CSI, Radio Free Roscoe, Navy: NCIS, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Kim Possible, Even Stevens, Filmore.
|17| What do you think of the radio? Turn the radio off, I don't want no part, you try to make me a big star, but I don't wanna be a big star. Good enough in the car. I like online radio stations, especially when I can harrass the DJ on AIM in to playing what I want.
|18| What kind of music do you download? Stuff I can't afford the CD's of. I use downloading as my temporary fix until I can afford the CD that I want. (Since AFI CDs run 27 bucks each, stuff like that.)
|19| Name five celebrities that make you want to cry knives: Cameron Diaz, Richard Gere, Celine Dion, Carson Daly, and this dumb bitch who hosts this design show my Mom always watches.
|20| Name at least one celebrity who deserves to live: John Stamos.
|21| What do you think of the whole scene movement? Scene? Movement? Scene has always been around, but there were never kids to be anti-scene to be like "HEY THEY'RE SO SCENE." I think this whole Anti-scene thing is overdone, though, because you really won't meet a lot of kids who are the definition of scene out there. In general, I hate anybody who is an elitist about their ideals.
|22| What about emo? I like my music fast, positive, and not emo. Yeah. I don't like the emo.
|23| What about punk? Rocks my socks. I love punk shows, I love moshing, and I love.. guinness. Mmm, Guinness.
|24| What about indie? Not too bad. I like my fair share of indie bands, since they're rocker than emo but more mellow than punk. Plus most indie bands sing about really weird, random shit.
|25| How do you feel about reality TV? It entertains me greatly.

|26| How many scene points are you worth? Eleventy-Billion.

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