Kymmie Doll (your0ddgirl0ut) wrote in media__gadfly,
Kymmie Doll

Mod post... over ride... etc...

While on a break from studying, I took a notice at the applications we got. Great, people are awesome, however... a few of you didn't even take the time to give the application a read-through, and some how managed to mess up the HTML that Miss Mandy layed out ever so clearly... I know we said first ten to apply get in, but I also clearly stated in my promos that if you are going to suck, don't bother... so, what I'm doing now is over-riding the auto-stamps. It's been discussed with the other Mod, so yea. If you are one of the people I over ride, feel free to come back later, when we have more people. Then you can take the time to re-do your application also.
mariewhatever Fix your HTML, and finish number 5. Come back when there are more people. After re-reading your application... You think EMO is a HIM? Never mind don't come back.
pushmearound I agree with Mandy, you seem pretty awesome. And yes, because of your answer about voting for Bush, I would probably have rejected you anyway, but a little drama never hurts anyone. I just can't figure out why you'd vote for the man who out-sourced your job in the first fucking place.
what_profanity I enjoy you, you stay. I liked your answers, and you're a cutie. Ps. Yey bb_pretties.
the_youngin You made me and Kim laugh, so you stay... but why do you have no comment for scenesters? Ps. It doesn't matter that you don't know who Kim is. But she says hi.
Thanks... the_youngin, what_profanity, and pushmearound start promoting!
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