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|1| Name, please: Molly or Mo.
|2| Age, thank you: Well, I'm just a little 18 year old girl.
|3| Location, of course: Without a doubt, Evansville Indiana. It's quite possibly the radest place on earth.
|4| Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual is I.
|5| One or two interesting facts about you, if you don't mind, and at least five pictures, one body: [I know, isn't it fucking INSANE to put pictures up here instead of at the bottom?] I work at a coffee shop and I could make you a drink that would keep you up for at least a full day and a half and also I hate macaroni and cheese unless the pasta is bowtie...okay so maybe that wasn't too interesting.

This one is super old but I found the pastel creatures amusing.
I'm going to go ahead and post without a body shot seeing as I'm at my mom's house and I don't have any full body pictures on here, if you want one, let me know and I will upload it at my dad's house. Damn divorced parents.

|6| Abortion: I do disagree with abortion but that's probably for the fact that I was adopted as a baby and if I hadn't been put up for adoption by my birth parents, I would probably be dirt right now. However, I can see how it would be an acceptable thing in cases such as rape or incest.
|7| MTV: I actually watch some of the shows when I'm bored in the afternoon...especially when I get home from work and I'm completely out of it. I don't mind MTV.
|8| Are you voting this year? For who? Why or why not? Yes. I'm finally voting this year seeing as I just turned 18. I'm voting for Bush, simply because I feel at this point in time it would be a difficult process for our country to change presidents and no, I don't agree with every decision Bush has made but I do think he's trying his best and he's done a few good things.
|9| What is the most fucking annoying trend in the world? Side bucklers. You know the people that wear their belts to the side? Yeah.
|10| Give us at least two sentences on veganism: I'm not a veggie ;/. The only meat that I do eat is chicken though. Um, I can see where veganism would be a good choice though.
|11| Give us at least two sentences on being straight edge: I think that's a great thing for any person to be, personally. I'm not straight edge but I agree with the concept one hundred percent.
|12| What do you think of the American economy right now? I'm not up to date on the American economy therefore I have no thoughts on it. My apologies.

|13| We're all hipsters here. Name some bands you're not too cool to listen to. Mock Orange (they're local, out of Indiana), Pewep in the Formats, Grand Buffet
|14| Specify some albums or songs: By the bands I listed above? Mock Orange_Only In Dreams, Pewep in the Formats, this sounds sad but I actually don't know the names of any of their songs it was just a random track a friend put on a mix cd and I enjoyed it so I had to put it on this list. Grand Buffet_Oh My God You're Weird.
|15| Movies? A Clockwork Orange, Gummo, KIDS
|16| What TV shows are worth watching? Wanderlust is one of the only shows on TV worthy enough to occupy thirty minutes of my time.
|17| What do you think of the radio? Too many commercials and really bad music, unless you know a super college radio station, which we lack here.
|18| What kind of music do you download? A lot of hardcore and ska.
|19| Name five celebrities that make you want to cry knives: Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne (yeah ;/ I still dislike her.), Bam Margera, Adam Sandler, Michael Jackson.
|20| Name at least one celebrity who deserves to live: Jason Schwartzman
|21| What do you think of the whole scene movement? Scene is scene, there's nothing much else to it, it's hip and trendy and involves a lot of style.
|22| What about emo? I don't think emo is a movement, just a type of music.
|23| What about punk? Again, a type of music mixed along with a certain type of clothing and attitude.
|24| What about indie? I enjoy independent music.
|25| How do you feel about reality TV? Reality TV isn't reality, it's a bunch of scripted bullshit.

|26| How many scene points are you worth? Eleventy-billion + 1.
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you're my favorite person who has applied yet. i love you. so much.

I love you too. You made my day <3.
Aww. Why dont you like Bam?
Thats seriously the only thing I disliked about your app.;
Besides that you are totally awesome and cuuuuute.
I have no idea why I dislike Bam, it's just a thing I have ;/ it might be because he picks on Ryan Dunn all of the time whom I am completely smitten over.

And thank you <3 (:
Ah yes. Good ol Ryan Dunn.
Youre welcomeee
awesome, but what is Wanderlust? You see, I'm in my dorm room no earlier than 2:30 in the am most nights... and I've lost touch with television that isn't family guy.
Wanderlust is some random show on Comedy Central and this German guy (or so I think he's German, that part might be a joke as well) goes around to different countries and states and shows people all of the random stuff there while pretty much making fun of it the whole time.


Wow, I'm a dork <3