Kymmie Doll (your0ddgirl0ut) wrote in media__gadfly,
Kymmie Doll

It'd be fucking rad... mod post...

if people got others to join. cause as of right now, this sjit is dying and no one wants that. ok, so stop being lazies, and get around to recruiting members. promote your tails off at every opportunity.
*If you get alot of readers, and they comment on your site, tell them about us.
*Just don't go to random ones. This is called spam, and that's bad.
*If you are in other rating communities, tell them about us. Permission is key.
*Go to the "promote without joining" sites... and do so.
*Do you have friends who just started on LJ and they want communities? Tell them about us.

Just do it for crying out loud. Promote everywhere. Come on, now! If you want the community to die, then leave others can fill spaces. If you don't want it to die, than do something about it.
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