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Kymmie Doll

I'm a mod, suck it.

|1| Name, please: Kymber-lie Knee-Cole
|2| Age, thank you: 18
|3| Location, of course: Bloomsburg, Pa
|4| Sexual Orientation: Straight as a circle.
|5| One or two interesting facts about you, if you don't mind, and at least two pictures, one body shot and one face shot: [I know, isn't it fucking INSANE to put pictures up here instead of at the bottom?] Woah, way to trip out the applicants. Awesome. Interesting fact numero uno: I have a stalker. A bonne-fide stalker. A man whom I have never met calls me on a regular basis to elicit phone sex cause he "likes my voice." Numero dos: It annoys the shit out of me the the new U2 song starts with "Uno, dos, tres, catorce." Seeing as how that means "one, two, three, fourteen." Stupid U2.

How's that for a body shot, fukkas?

|6| Abortion I'm pro-choice, but after an intense discussion in Comp I over the summer, I'm convinced, I couldn't do it myself without extreme health needs.
|7| MTV I'd like to remind everyone of the new song "1985" byt Bowling for Soup "Way before Madonna, there was U2 and Blonde and Music still on MTV." I've given up watching MTV with a few exceptions. I still watch MADE cause it's funny, but ever since Clone High went the way of Daria to the land of cancelled shows that rocked, I gave up. Besides, Laguna Beach makes me want to stab chop sticks in my ears.
|8| Are you voting this year? For who? Why or why not? Yes. Kerry, cause he's not Bush. Fin.
|9| What is the most fucking annoying trend in the world? Well, ThIs OnE hUrTs My EyEs.
|10| Give us at least two sentences on veganism: Wow, real vegans have alot of will power. And if you ever decide to do it, do it right and give up jello, choclate, energy drinks etc. Look into shit before you dive head first into trendy lifestyle changes.
|11| Give us at least two sentences on being straight edge: Again, will power is great. I respect it if done for intellegent reasons. Would I be healthier if I didn't smoke, drink or toke? Yea, but I wouldn't have as many stories to tell.
|12| What do you think of the American economy right now? I think that it's pathetic that I, as an 18 year old college student make more working as a cashier at Bed Bath and Beyond than people who have lost their jobs and are forced to work in minimum wage.

|13| We're all hipsters here. Name some bands you're not too cool to listen to. Fuck you, cause I listen to everything. Except not. Anyways, DMB, Interpol, Flogging Molly, Rammstein, Coheed and Cambria, Early 90's alternative ala R.E.M, New Radicals etc, I'm still a Sugarcult Baby at heart, Finch, Anti-Flag, Ani DiFranco... I'm gonna shut the fuck up now, cause I have no one to impress.
|14| Specify some albums or songs I'm awesome and wasting time, so I'm putting who the songs make me think of too... Untouchable Face--Ani DiFranco (Laura and Beth), You Get What You Give--New Radicals (My sister), What's Left of the Flag--Flogging Molly (Matt), Hey Little Girl--Unwritten Law (Mandy Mae), Radio--Alkaline Trio (The "Ryan's House Crew" BU summer 2004)
|15| Movies? Blow, Nightmare Before Christmas, Fight Club, Elephant, Donnie Darko
|16| What TV shows are worth watching? Family Guy, The Simpsons... yea that's it.
|17| What do you think of the radio? Basically it sucks, but I've found ones that don't so much anymore, but they are usually college stations and only play non-sucky music SOME of the time.
|18| What kind of music do you download? Things people tell me I'd be interested in, but I don't feel like buying whole cd's for. Ala Blood Brothers and Bright Eyes.
|19| Name five celebrities that make you want to cry knives: Mmmm so hard to narrow down to five. Olsen Twins count as one, Avril La-vige-na, Nicole Richie, Tara Kingsley, Carson Daly.
|20| Name at least one celebrity who deserves to live: Queen Latifah.
|21| What do you think of the whole scene movement? I'm more scene than your dreams.
|22| What about emo? "It's not about the look, it's about the music." Then wuit buying argyl and black frames, pansey. Cry about it.
|23| What about punk? "It's not about the look, it's about the music, and our need to rebel." Rebel against what exactly? Middle class white suburbia and all the pressure that it puts on you? Kill yourself.
|24| What about indie? "It's not about anything." Indie kids dress cool. And I like toad the wet sprocket.
|25| How do you feel about reality TV? "Pretty soon everyone will be on Reality TV, cause they're gonna run out of people."

|26| How many scene points are you worth? eleventy-billion, and counting.
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