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|1| Name, please: Jaime
|2| Age, thank you: eleventy-billion. Oh sorry. Wrong number. 27. Damn, I'm old.
|3| Location, of course: Kentucky. Don't hold it against me.
|4| Sexual Orientation: I don't need orientation thanks, I've already been trained.
|5| One or two interesting facts about you, if you don't mind, and at least two pictures, one body shot and one face shot: [I know, isn't it fucking INSANE to put pictures up here instead of at the bottom?]
1. My food can't touch or I won't eat it. Unless it's supposed to. IE: Prego on Spaghetti
2. My favorite past time is road trips.

Body shot.

Face Shot

|6| Abortion: It's fine. Your choice. I wouldn't do it. But I'm pro choice. Unless the baby is pliable and can live outside the womb. Then it's murder. Sorry. My opinion.

|7| MTV : I can't tell you the last time I actually sat and watched MTV. Remember. I'm old.

|8| Are you voting this year? For who? Why or why not? I'll vote for Bush. Kerry frightens me. His wife is even worse. I like Bush. Call me crazy. (good thing I'm auto accepted I suppose)

|9| What is the most fucking annoying trend in the world? girls who wear their thongs higher on their butts than their jeans. I don't need to see your draws

|10| Give us at least two sentences on veganism: Vegans are awesome people. I admire them. I think about how nice they are every time I eat a medium-well steak.

|11| Give us at least two sentences on being straight edge: If it makes them happy so be it. I'm very live and let live. I don't think *I* would be happy being straight edge, but who's to say it's not for everyone?

|12| What do you think of the American economy right now? It's struggling. I've seen it better. I blame outsourcing quite a bit. I've personally been affected by having my job shipped to another country.

|13| We're all hipsters here. Name some bands you're not too cool to listen to: Matchbox twenty, barenaked ladies, linkin park, eminem.

|14| Specify some albums or songs: Songs for Dustmites. Into the Mystic. Here without you. Just lose it. 3am. Black Coffee.

|15| Movies?: Shawshank Redemption, Harry Potter, Super Troopers, Gothika, The Ring, Clerks

|16| What TV shows are worth watching?: Family Guy, Ghost Hunters, Baby Story, Who's line....and that's about all I ever watch.

|17| What do you think of the radio?: It's ok if you're stuck in the car. I never listen to it anywhere else. I would give my right boob to have XM Sattelite Radio

|18| What kind of music do you download? Random songs that there's no way I'd buy the entire CD to just get one song.

|19| Name five celebrities that make you want to cry knives: Britney Spears, Christina Agullerra, Jim Carrey, J-Lo, Emeril

|20| Name at least one celebrity who deserves to live: Rob Thomas

|21| What do you think of the whole scene movement? Whatever floats your boat. If that's what you need to get attention, then do it.

|22| What about emo? What about it? I think it's stupid to put a label on it. Everyone is a little emo.

|23| What about punk? punk is awesome.

|24| What about indie? Indie is pretty cool. I don't like it as much as punk but it still rocks my socks.

|25| How do you feel about reality TV? They're fun to watch sometimes but I never get into them. I never watched more than five minutes of Survivor. I don't think they're very "real" at all.

|26| How many scene points are you worth? Eleventy-Billion.

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