Kymmie Doll (your0ddgirl0ut) wrote in media__gadfly,
Kymmie Doll

contest-a-mundo... Modular awesomeness.

Mandy Mae (200_couches) and Kymmie Doll (your0ddgirl0ut) announce a contest.
Hey members! We all want more people here, so start promoting... and to give you the boost to promote we're having a contest.

Here's the deal... whoever gets the most new applicants will pick the first theme. That's right, kiddos, we're gonna have themes. Which should make this place interesting. Promote, and have them post in the application who sent them. You'll get credit and could pick the first theme. New applicants shouldn't suck. If they do we won't take them and you won't get credit. Fun? Yes.

//////ps.//////dancexfever Please post your application. xo.
Kymmie Doll
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